Monday, October 31, 2011

Payless Pancit Shanghai Sweet & Spicy BBQ

Product name: Payless Pancit Shanghai Sweet & Spicy BBQ
Manufacturer: Universal Robina Corporation
Classification: Not-so-new


Tired of my usual dry noodles at home, I went to the grocery to check out if there's anything new in the noodle section. Fortunately, I found Payless Pancit Shanghai.

I usually buy Payless Pancit Shanghai before but since it's not so popular to the stores near my place, I stopped looking for it and just buy whatever's available. So when I saw this food item and its flavor, I was really glad.

Unlike the other popular brands, Payless Pancit Shanghai uses flat noodles. And for the same price with its competitors, it offers a larger flavor-oil pack plus some vegetables.

As I've said earlier, I've already tried other Payless Pancit Shanghai noodles but I can say that this Sweet & Spicy BBQ variant is the best. Its taste is greatly influenced by Eastern culinary arts. And the flavor really reminds us of the taste of the favorite Pinoy pork barbecue or what we call "inasal". Having this taste in noodles is really impressive.

Payless Pancit Shanghai is also healthy for it has no preservatives added. You can buy it in all leading supermarkets nation-wide and in some local stores near you.

Taste: 93% More please!
Price: 85% Just fine.
Overall: 90.6% Quite impressive

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