Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CDO Tocino Loaf

Product name: CDO Tocino Loaf
Manufacturer: CDO Foodsphere Inc.
Classification: Not-so-new


Whenever I go to the supermarket and buy canned foods, it has been a habit for me to get a few cans of luncheon meat. But just a few weeks ago, I got tired and decided not to buy some for the meantime. So, I stayed at the canned goods section for a while, thinking what else to get. Then,  I spotted CDO Tocino Loaf.

I must admit that the product raised one of my eyebrows and had me curious. I bought two cans and decided to try it.

At home, I opened a can and had the loaf sliced and fried. While cooking, you can already smell the sugary aroma of tocino. In fact, you might even think that what's really cooking is tocino. The only difference is that, this food does not have caramelized sugar on it.

When all is ready, I got some rice and had a taste of the Tocino Loaf. It has this meaty goodness perfectly combined with a hint of sweetness from its flavor. A good choice for viand. And, I'm sure it will also make a good sandwich filling. A baon that kids would love.

CDO Tocino Loaf can be eaten as is or fried with a little amount of cooking oil. It is available in all supermarkets and stores nationwide.

Taste: 92% More please!
Price: 90%  Worth every cent.
Overall: 91.4% Excellent!

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