Friday, October 14, 2011

Zesto Iced Teas Apple

Product name: Zesto Iced Teas
Manufacturer: Zesto Corporation
Classification: New


Well, if you're thinking that iced tea only comes in powdered and bottled drinks then think again.

Zesto Iced Teas is the latest beverage from Zesto in the famous tetra-pack packaging. I was looking for bottled ones when my eyes caught sight of Zesto Iced Teas. It appeared unique to me so instead of buying my regular iced tea drink, I tried this one.

The beverage is very refreshing. It fascinated me that the apple flavor of the drink is nice. In fact it is competitive enough to match the bottled ones. And it seems that this latest addition to the competing green teas in the market will give a good fight.

Another thing I like about this product is that it is rich in Vitamin C. Something that we all need with the kind of weather we have right now. Plus extra points since this drink is easier to carry than the bottled ones.

Zesto Iced Teas is available in leading supermarkets nationwide.

Taste: 92% More please!
Price: 83% Just fine.
Overall: 89.3% Quite Impressive.

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