Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lucky Me Pork Ribs

Product name: Lucky Me Pork Ribs
Manufacturer: Monde Nissin Corporation
Classification: Not-so-new


It was a rainy evening and I was craving for some hot soup. Yet, I'm a bit tight on the budget so I thought of cooking some instant noodles instead. I went to the nearest store and saw Lucky Me Pork Ribs. I've tried almost every product of Lucky Me except for this one. So I guess it's just about time.

Lucky Me Pork Ribs is one of the recent flavors added to the "instant mami" line-up. It was launched just a few months ago. You might remember its commercial of a blind-folded woman tasting the noodles saying that it was able to beat Lucky Me.

This product like the other regular flavors of Lucky Me, also has one pack of seasoning only and is very easy to cook. Since it is created similar to the other regular instant mami, the noodles are just exactly the same. With that, I focused my attention more on the flavor.

I was really curious on how it's gonna taste. My idea of pork ribs as a dish is usually associated with caldereta and sinigang. But then, I can't imagine any of those in an instant noodles. That's why I'm just so grateful that Lucky Me didn't adopt any of those as a flavor.

The soup tasted like a local pork stew. It's aroma and meaty flavor are very appetizing and really ideal for a cold weather. Although I think the noodles would be better if there would be a few bits of meat and vegetables just like what they have for their gourmet noodles.

Lucky Me Pork Ribs is available in all stores and leading supermarkets in the country. It is priced just like the regular Beef and Chicken Mami.

Taste: 90% Yum-yum!
Price: 85% Just fine
Overall: 88.5% Quite Impressive.


  1. This is the first time I've seen the Pork Ribs flavor. Does it taste different from the Lucky Me Special Po-ku instant noodles? They just have too many sub-brands of their noodles. XD

  2. Yes, it tastes different from the Po-ku. Po-ku has more oriental appeal than the Pork Ribs. Pork Ribs is more like "Pork Nilaga" actually. Also, Pork Ribs is cheaper than Po-ku. ;-)


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