Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monde Coco Bites Cookies

Product name: Coco Bites Cookies
Manufacturer: Monde Nissin Corporation
Classification: New


Cookies are one of my favorite midnight snacks especially when I'm working. I love munching on them either with coffee or iced tea or cola. So when I spotted Coco Bites in the supermarket, I grabbed some right away.

Looking at the packaging, I had high hopes for this food item. It is the newest biscuit from Monde and I really love their products. As soon as I got home, I opened one pack and took a bite. And... my hopes were gone.

Based on the packaging, the cookies are with real coconut bits. Well they do have coconut bits however, there's something odd in the taste. It's quite confusing as to what makes the taste strange. It might have been that the amount of flour in the cookie is just too much. Or maybe it's because of the coconut flavor. It just doesn't taste right. The cookie and the flavor don't blend well.

I thought that maybe I was wrong for judging it that way. The texture is okay and the taste somehow is still tolerable (like when you're tired and hungry). So as for second opinion, I asked my aunt and cousin to taste the other packs of Coco Bites. When my cousin took the first bite, she gave it the "WTH" reaction and I also saw my tita wrinkling her head. It seems they both agree with me then.

Oh well, it's not that bad though. Maybe Monde can still do something about it. Like make it sweet or add some more milk to taste.

Monde Coco Bites is available in all leading supermarkets and in different stores nationwide. Grab some and tell me if you have a different opinion from mine. It will be much appreciated. :)

Taste: 75% Oh well...
Price: 81% Just fine
Overall: 76.8% Not bad.

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  1. i wanna try. i love the old monde nissin butter coconut cookies


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