Monday, October 10, 2011

Free Milo Energy Meter

(Disclaimer: Image below does not belong to the blogger and was just taken (and cropped) from the Milo facebook fanpage)

For people who are always on the go and wants to know how much energy they have consumed, here's the perfect gadget for you: the Milo Energy Meter!

Milo Energy Meter is a handy tool that allows people to monitor their energy. You can say that somehow it is similar to a pedometer (gadget used to measure one's foot steps when walking or running).

To get one, you just simply have to buy one 1kg. Milo pack or 200 peso worth of Milo (other packs). Then after making your purchase, keep your receipt in order to claim the energy meter.

To know where you can claim your free energy meter, go to the Milo facebook fanpage. Click Milo Energy Meter link at the sidebar. From there, check for the available schedule and store where you could claim the freebie. Mark it on your calendar and don't forget to go there.

Bring your receipt in your selected store. Remember, only one receipt for one energy meter. Therefore, the receipt you should present for claiming one energy meter is a single purchase of either one 1kg. Milo pack or 200 peso worth of Milo (other packs).

So hurry! Drink Milo now and get your own energy meter.

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