Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mocha Topps

Product name: Mocha Topps
Manufacturer: Suncrest Foods Incorporated
Item Classification: Not-so-new


Mocha Topps is one of the best-selling cupcakes right now here in our area. In every sari-sari store I go to, there's always a pack hanging and being sold. And from what I've noticed, one pack (containing 10 pcs.) only lasts for 3-5 days. It aroused my curiosity and so I checked it out for myself.

At first I was expecting that like some of its competitors, this cupcake is just as annoyingly sweet. But, I was wrong.

Even though Mocha Topps is a mocha cupcake filled with vanilla cream, covered with frosting and topped with candy sprinkles, I could say that the sweetness it possess is tolerable and just right. In fact if you're a coffee lover, you might fall in love with its heavenly scent and taste. It is soft and rich in mocha goodness. And the filling blends very well with the cake making you crave for more.

I could say that it's an awesome treat for a dessert and a wonderful companion too for coffee. But of course, you can eat it anytime you wish to indulge on its yummy taste. I recommend you to have it refrigerated before eating even just for half an hour for best results.

Mocha Topps is available in all leading supermarkets and stores near you. Also in other flavors: cheese and chocolate.

Taste: 98% More please!
Price: 90% Worth every cent.
Overall: 95.6% Excellent!

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