Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chiron Chicken Inasal

Product name: Chiron Chicken Inasal
Manufacturer: Stateline Snack Food Corporation
Item Classification: New

Photo above at your left-hand side is the Chiron Chicken Inasal flavor. Photo above at your right-hand side is the Chiron Crispy Pata flavor.


Ever since the launch of Marty's, a lot of other vegetarian chicharon emerged from different food companies. Some of them, you can already see at the nearest sari-sari store to you. While others are still struggling with the tough competition. Among them is this product.

Chiron Chicken Inasal is the latest vegetarian chicharon from Stateline. I saw this product at a grocery store a few minutes tricycle ride from our house. I was just about to ignore it but I suddenly got interested when I saw its flavor. Chicken inasal - hmmm... tempting!

When I opened the product, the enticing smell started emanating. You can already have a hint of the taste of barbecue just by merely smelling the food. I noticed that unlike other chicharon snacks, this one is thinner and really has a bit of resemblance to chicken skin. When I took a bite, wow... it's crispy! And the taste, you can compare it to a roasted chicken with sweet barbecue sauce.

Another good point about this snack is that it is healthy. It is made from vegetables and has no cholesterol. A perfect companion for parties, outings, watching tv and even at work.

This snack is also available in Crispy Pata flavor (see photo above). Sadly, this product is not yet visible in all the leading supermarkets. But I am hoping that soon it would be.

Taste: 91% More please!
Price: 85% Just fine.
Overall: 89.2% Quite impressive.

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