Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lucky Me Pancit Pares Beef Asado

Product name: Lucky Me Pancit Pares Beef Asado
Manufacturer: Monde Nissin Corporation
Item Classification: New


Lucky Me Pancit Pares Beef Asado is the latest addition to the dry noodles line-up of Monde Nissin Corporation. Its commercial is currently airing on television with John Lloyd Cruz as the endorser.

A lot of dry noodles have been emerging in the market in different flavors but this one is really a stand-out because its seasoning comes in a single "Sarsa Pak". And as the name implies, instead of the usual powdered flavoring, it's in a liquid sauce form. Its unusual seasoning then made me curious and I decided to buy some.

When I went home, I immediately cooked the noodles (noodle is similar to that of the regular instant pancit canton) and waited for a few minutes before draining it and mixing the sauce. When I poured the seasoning, the air started to smell sumptuous. And, it made me feel that I can't wait anymore to have a taste.

The Beef Asado flavor was really justified in the taste of this instant noodles. The not-so-thick sauce is sweet and beefy and has some resemblance to the taste of "Asado-flavored Siopao". It also feels as though there's really beef in the noodles even if there's no meat included in the seasoning.

Plus, like the other Lucky Me noodles, it is also healthy because the product has No Artificial Preservatives Added (NAPA).

With the taste of this product, I could say that it's a good choice for merienda. In fact, those who are fond of having Pancit Canton as a viand will definitely enjoy this one too with rice. And if you wish to make the dish more saucy, you may cook it with 1 1/4 cup of water then don't drain anymore. Add the sauce as the noodles starts to be cooked. Wait for 2 minutes and it's ready to eat.

Now available in leading supermarkets and in some stores nationwide.

Taste: 95% More please!
Price: 88% Worth every cent
Overall: 92.9% Excellent!


  1. Hi, Anne!

    I have to agree that this may be one of Lucky Me's most awesome inventions, ever!

    I was getting sick already of the usual 5 from the Pancit Canton category (though I also find Chow Mien, Jjamppong, Mac & Cheese and Baked Mac somewhat fulfilling) but this comes to save the day after my last trip to the sari-sari store.

    For me, this would perfectly go with 2 slices of bread and a really cold glass of Mountain Dew :3

    Anywho, nice blog! Will be checking yours every now and then. :D

  2. Thanks Chad for the wonderful comment! I'm glad you liked my blog. Hop you enjoy the other upcoming posts...


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