Monday, September 26, 2011

Jack 'n Jill Magic Chips

Product name: Jack 'n Jill Magic Chips (cheese flavor)
Manufacturer: Universal Robina Corporation (URC)
Item Classification: Barely There


Jack 'n Jill Magic Chips is a product of URC that was launched around late 2008 or early 2009. I saw this snack a few months ago at the grocery in the "biscuits section". At first I thought that it is just the plain Magic Crackers packaged and cut in a certain way just so it could pass the criteria of being "chips". But it isn't and I'm grateful that I tried it.

Magic Chips is a snack created with crackers but styled in the "junk food" manner. This food item actually blends the crunchiness of crackers and the addicting taste of chips. But to be different from the ordinary crackers, it is served in thin bite-size squares and flavored with just enough cheese. Not too salty and not too powdery.

Another good point about this product is the way it was prepared. Unlike other chips, Magic Chips is baked. And because of this, it contains 25% less fat than those chips that were fried. Thus, it can satisfy your junk food craving in a healthy way.

Magic Chips is available in leading supermarkets nationwide. It comes in three flavors: cheese, barbecue and onion 'n garlic (though I hardly see this one already).

Taste: 95% More please!
Price: 90% Worth every cent.
Overall:  93.5%  Excellent!

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