Sunday, October 23, 2011

Roasters' Rostas

Product name: Roasters' Rostas (Cheddar Cheese)
Manufacturer: Pinnacle Foods Incorporated
Classification: New


Want some chips with a Mexican feel? Try Roasters' Rostas.

Roasters' Rostas is a snack made from roasted corn chips. It is manufactured by Pinnacle, a member of the Rebisco Group. The snack is usually packaged in 25g and in cheddar cheese flavor.

I was able to purchase this food in a local store. It looks new so I didn't hesitate to buy it not because it would contribute to this blog but because it reminded me of Mr. Chips.

Anyway, Rostas is truly different from Mr. Chips. Although they are both made of corn and both cheese-flavored, you can already tell the difference once you take a bite. Rostas chips are thick, crispy and at the same time light and airy. While, Mr. Chips though crispy, they are thin and a bit hard.

With regards to the taste, I refuse to compare Rostas with Mr. Chips especially since the latter is actually of nacho chips. Rostas exudes a certain Mexican appeal making you think of grilled corn with its aroma. Its taste is really remarkable since it has a hint of being roasted and the cheese flavor isn't salty but just enough to blend.

Roasters' Rostas is available in leading supermarkets and some stores near you.

Taste: 92% More please!
Price: 84% Just fine
Overall: 89.6% Quite impressive.

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