Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to make a Camel

Sorry, but we're not making a camel dish here. The Camel I'm referring to here is the cocktail created with the use of coffee, melon juice and gin. It is a liquor that hardly makes you drunk and often regarded as a ladies' drink.

I've tried drinking this one and I could say that it tastes nice. Not even bitter and quite addicting. So, I asked my aunt who mixed the drink for the recipe. Here it is...


1 bottle of Ginebra San Miguel gin (350 ml)
1 litro pack of melon juice (35 g, preferrably Oishi Sundays)
1 pack of  brown coffee (25 g, preferrably Kopiko Brown Coffee)
1 tall glass of water


1. Get a pitcher and pour the glass of water. Mix the brown coffee and melon juice. Make sure that all the powder has dissolved.

2. Pour the bottle of San Miguel Ginebra gin to the pitcher. Stir the mixture.

3. Add some ice to chill then serve. This drink is best enjoyed with some chips or fries.

Well, now that you know the procedures of making a camel, you can already try it with your friends. However, please drink moderately.

Happy weekend!

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