Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nescafe Brown 'n Creamy

Product name: Nescafe Brown 'n Creamy
Manufacturer: Nestle Philippines Inc.
Classification: New


I love drinking coffee may it be from my favorite coffee shop or something instant. That's why whenever I came across the chance to drink a cup, I never let it pass.

Just a few days ago, I came across Nescafe Brown 'n Creamy. It is a 3-in-1 coffee mix with brown sugar. Since I usually have my coffee with brown sugar, I decided to try this one too.

I chose to have the coffee with hot water. I poured the 25g powder into my mug and stirred it well. The brown color and delicious aroma was so inviting. I control myself from sipping right away since it's still too hot.

When I could already tolerate the warmth of the drink, I immediately took a sip. It's delicious! The blend is not strong. It is creamy and just appropriately sweet. In fact it has a resemblance to the taste of the latte that I usually order from my favorite coffee shop.

Nescafe Brown 'n Creamy is available in all groceries and stores nationwide. One 25g pack is good for one serving only. It can also be prepared with cold water, just see the back of the package for instructions.

Taste: 95% More please!
Price: 90% Worth every cent.
Overall: 93.5% Excellent!

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