Thursday, November 10, 2011

Breaking Dawn Tumblers Now Available in Jollibee

With the upcoming premiere of the movie "Breaking Dawn: Part 1", the Twilight fever is rising again. Sights of different Twilight items now started to appear almost everywhere - even in Jollibee!

The Breaking Dawn tumbler from Jollibee

As I was on my way home from the grocery one evening, I stopped by at Jollibee to buy some burgers for the young ones. Then, I saw the tumbler and I can't help but get myself one. Oh yes, I'm a Twilight fan too!

According to the poster in Jollibee, the Breaking Dawn tumbler comes in two designs.The one I have features a lovely close-up shot of Edward and Bella. Regarding the other design, I haven't seen it because according to them (the crew)  it's not yet available. But definitely, it would be available soon.

Anyway, you can get a tumbler for any purchase of Jollibee's sandwich meals (burger, Jolly hotdog, etc.). It's not for free though. But it is very affordable. One tumbler only costs P25 (PHP).

Well, if you're a Twilight fan like me, this is one collectible you shouldn't miss. Buy a burger meal and get a tumbler now. :)

P.S. Breaking Dawn: Part 1 will be showing in Philippine cinemas on Nov. 18, 2011. So near already... See you all!

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