Friday, November 4, 2011

What is Froyo?

Just recently, I was invited to go out and have some fun with my girlfriends. We played some arcade games and ate dinner together. Before we went home, the bday girl (well, it was a post bday bash) treated us to dessert. And yes, we had Italian froyo.

I was curious about what this "froyo" means but still I kept quiet till we arrived at "The White Hat". It was only then when I learned that froyo literally means frozen yogurt.

Opposed to common belief that froyo was from Italy, it's not. Froyo or frozen yogurt was first introduced in New Zealand in 1970s. While gelato, which is sometimes mistaken as yogurt, is actually the Italian word for ice cream.

Frozen yogurt has become popular nowadays due to its health benefits. Unlike ice cream, froyo has lesser fats. It is also rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Plus, it contains live cultures that are good for the digestive system.

Froyo is more tart than ice cream. It is usually served with toppings like candy sprinkles, choco drops, fruit syrup and even fresh fruits.

Well, in our dessert I had the "Lover's Hat" which is topped with cherries, dark choco drops and granola with almonds (see image above, at the left side). My other three companions chose other flavors which I can barely remember the names except for the "Baker's Hat" (which I almost chose), the one with violet syrup.

It was indeed an awesome healthy dessert experience. This first meeting with froyo for me was really love at first sight. I'll definitely try it again and check out the other flavors.

To know where you could find The White Hat, check out their site: There, you could find the branch locations and even see their menu.

P.S. By the way, thanks Guia for the wonderful treat! Till next time! ;-)

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