Sunday, November 6, 2011

Le Bredz

Product name: Le Bredz (Rich Butter flavor)
Manufacturer: Stateline Snack Food Corporation
Classification: New


One afternoon while on my way home, I decided to drop by at the mini-grocery near the tricycle terminal. This is where I usually discover new products that are not yet on the shelves of those big supermarkets.

Anyway, I was busy looking for some chips to accompany me in my 'graveyard work' when something caught my interest. Toasted bread.

Well, I've tried some toasted breads before and I don't usually finish the entire pack. There's just something with their taste that often makes me stop from eating them all. But not with my latest discovery - Le Bredz.

Le Bredz is a product of Stateline Snack Food Corporation. It is a toasty bread snacks in rich butter flavor in a regular-sized packaging which makes it convenient to carry.

What sets this food apart from its competitors is the flavor. When I took a bite, I could taste sweet milk exploding from the toasted bread. It is deliciously crispy that you can't help but just crave for more.

This snack is a perfect baon for students who has now gone back to school. It is also an ideal break companion for those who are working. Or even as a midnight snack when you're up late.

Taste: 90% Yum-yum!
Price: 85% Just fine
Overall: 88.5% Quite impressive.

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