Sunday, November 27, 2011

Century Corned Tuna Inasal

Product name: Century Corned Tuna Inasal
Manufacturer: Century Canning Corp.
Classification: New


Corned Tuna has recently become popular. Most canning food companies have come up with their different versions of corned tuna and even in diferent flavors. Among them is Century Tuna.

Century Corned Tuna Inasal is the newest addition to Century's growing tuna family. This food is made of tuna flakes marinated in spices and seasoned sauces to capture Bacolod's famous Inasal.

So, when I was too lazy to prepare for dinner, I opened a can of Century Corned Tuna Inasal. I tasted it and was really pleased. But since the can says that it is best enjoyed when warm, I decided to have it heated.

Now, when I tried it again, it tastes better. There is this sweet and spicy flavor similar to the taste of inasal. And, it doesn't have the stench odor that is common to fish dishes.

Another thing that I like about this food item is that it is also healthy. It has Omega 3 DHA which is good for the heart. And, it is also prepared with no preservatives added.

Taste: 90% Yum-yum!
Price: 85% Just fine.
Overall: 88.5% Quite impressive.

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  1. we bought this but didn't like. no one likes to eat it... we like san marino better. may weird aftertaste and smell yung century tuna corned tuna.


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