Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monde Special Mamon (Classic)

Product name: Monde Special Mamon (Classic)
Manufacturer: Monde Nissin Corporation
Classification: New


Recently, I've been curious about the commercial on this certain bread. And since bread is one of my favorite foods, I definitely must have a bite on the latest product.

Monde Special Mamon is the newest bread from the Monde Nissin Corporation. It is sold in a 2pcs. pack or in a 6 pcs. pack. And, it is really the same size with that of the common mamon being sold in bakeries. So, no need to think that it's only as big as a cupcake, okay?

Anyway, Monde Special Mamon is not like the usual mamon though. It's expiration date is very long that you can store as much as you want. Plus, it has this yummy goodness that suits everyone's tastebuds. Well, it must be because it is made with real fresh eggs, and other imported ingredients.

It might look so ordinary but, you can say that it is still exceptional. It has a golden color and a fluffy feel. And when you taste it, you can say that it is a satisfying bread and not just some airy one.

Monde Special Mamon is available nationwide. It also comes in Mocha flavor.

Taste: 91% More please!
Price: 85% Just fine
Overall: 89.2% Quite impressive.

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