Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oishi Pinattsu (Seaweed)

Product name: Oishi Pinattsu Seaweed Flavor
Manufacturer: Liwayway Marketing Corp.
Classification: New


Every now and then, I usually buy chips and nuts to keep me company when I work at night. Lately, I've been getting hooked with nuts and corn so when I saw this item I thought of checking it out.

Oishi Pinattsu Seaweed is among the latest flavor from the Pinattsu peanut crackers. It's unusual "shell' and flavor really had me intrigued that I didn't hesitate to bring out my purse to buy it.

This peanut has a premium soft crunch that would certainly keep you going till you realize that you;ve already eaten it all. It has a hint of saltiness which is probably due to its seaweed flavor. Plus, you can't help but amusingly examine the coated nut. It's shell has this black spots making it look like a quail egg.

Another thing I like about this product is its health or nutrional factors. It is fortified with Vitamin A and contains no cholesterol.

Oishi Pinattsu Seaweed is best consumed right after opening. Too much exposure might cause the loss of its crispiness.

You can check out the leading supermarkets to avail of this product.

Taste: 91% More please!
Price: 83% Just fine
Overall: 88.6% Quite impressive

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  1. I found Oishi peanut crackers, seaweed flavor, when I was last in Shanghai. The package looks different from the one on your site, & it doesn't have the "pinattsu" name on it, either. But the product I enjoyed so much looks like the one on the package you show, and you describe the same product I ate in Shanghai. I would love to find this snack here in metro Atlanta


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